who we are

We belong to the German Grand Lodge of the freemasons of Germany. Our fraternity has been founded in 1780 and is a member of the three ancient lodges of Germany. Our lodge is a Christian franternity however we do not consider ourselves as a religious community. In terms of organisation we are part of the provincial lodge Schleswig-Holstein (Germany´s northern state). We are a St. John´s lodge.

what we do

 We meet each other regularly in our lodge with the aim to work on ourselves. This labour is called the labour on the `coarse stone`. We strictly follow the rituals of our lodge. Although the ritual itself is a secret as it is stated in our constitution law our labour is of pure symbolic nature.

The basic ideas can be traced back to the time of the Enlightenment. Freedom and demcrocy are considered the essential elements of our thinking and our actions.


Everybody who wants to find out more information freemasonry and about us is welcome to contact us. We are particularly fond of visiting brothers of all different kinds of masonic lodges.

  We love      what we do