about us


Our lodge has been founded with the registration number 227 in 1928.

On November 3rd 1928 the former Master Mason Dr. Eugen Müllendorf has inaugurated the St. John´s Lodge empowered by the letter of freedom by the Grand Lodge in Berlin with consentanous applause.

It has been testified by patent 745 that the St. John`s Lodge "Zum Anker an der Nordsee" belongs as an affiliate lodge to the Grand Lodge of Germany and thus to the United Grand Lodges of Germany from 14th of September 1958.

The lodge has 15 brothers at the moment and usually labor takes place in our lodge on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. Guests who visit our beautiful island and spend their holidays on Föhr are welcome at all times.

We request formal clothes for the labor but for holiday makers we make exceptions. Recreational clothes is being tolerated of course - the main idea is that guests find their way to our lodge.